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We take care of all the architecture that supports the applications we develop for you.

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We adapt the architecture to your needs


Manage application servers, databases, domains, we service your accounts and all architecture adapted to your needs.

Your website will be stored in two data centers of independent performance to complete safety of your webspace. In addition you will have a technical support provided offered by qualified and personalized service that will offer immediate response.


In shared services, the client shares the server with other clients, of course, no client has any access to data from other clients, which if shared are the resources of the server as RAM, CPU. They use a standard configuration, and although you can make various adjustments to each website, there is no absolute freedom for it like it happens on a vps server.

VPS server

In contrast to a VPS server, the client has an exclusive server for it, has its own resources of RAM, CPU, disk, static IP address, and so on and is not shared with other clients.

So, when should we switch to a VPS server? There are multiple reasons that can lead us to hire a vps server or switch from shared hosting to vps, these are the main ones.

  • Increase. Although shared hosting supports a lot of traffic, when our web grows in number of visits, traffic, disk resources, etc., we must change to a VPS solution that allows us to support this logistics. A VPS server offers much more performance and traffic than a shared hosting server and is extensible, so if the resources of the machine are insufficient, we can extend them.
  • Applications. In shared hosting it is not possible to run all kinds of applications, in a VPS server there is no limitation to do so, as long as it is compatible with the server operating system.
  • Personalization. In shared hosting, when sharing the server with other clients, there are limitations in making adjustments to the websites. However on a VPS server, we can make all the adjustments that are needed, there is no limitation in this regard.

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